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We believe in the understated. Good things should be subtle, this is why our designs are minimal and clean. Most importantly, these designs have meaning. By wearing Nomadiq, you represent these values.

We donate proceeds to charity in order to help the less fortunate. Find more details about this on our charity page.

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These children primarily come from families who cannot afford the high costs of cancer treatment. Many of these families not only struggle with the financial burden but also lack stable homes. In a given year, over 600 children find themselves in the care of pediatric oncology units, with 8 to 9 new patients being admitted each week. These children require a range of treatments, including medication and, when necessary, surgeries. While the hospitals providing care fall in the mid-range category, they maintain good quality standards. To alleviate the financial burden on these families, efforts are made to help them cover a portion of the treatment costs. Chemotherapy, a vital aspect of cancer treatment, is notably expensive, and the high costs have led to nearly half of these young patients being unable to continue their treatment. Therefore, supporting these families financially is crucial in encouraging parents to initiate and sustain their children's treatment without the fear of monetary constraints.

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